Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Embossed Christmas Card - Red and Beige

Today is my scheduled scrap-booking date with my good friend, Nathalie, and as usual we produced quite a nice batch of Christmas cards.  Although I didn't make as many as she did (please see her works at , I'm quite happy with the result of this one.

This is actually inspired by Papercrafts Magazine Issue Nov/Dec 2013.

Here's the sketch. Quite easy, isn't it?  Well yes except the bow, which I tried tying it up through a punched whole, and I ended up breaking it through!  In the end had to use a glue gun to make the piece. Whew.

But anyway, I did it, and it looks great!

Woohoo!  So now I have only about another 10 different cards to make.  (I only send 1 style to 2-3 people. I don't make 30 of the same cards and send them to all different people.)


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