Saturday, 26 October 2013

Blue Christmas Card Part 2 - Glittering Star on Christmas Tree. No special tool needed!

I believe that in every card-maker's mind, deep-deep-deep-down somewhere, there's always a little voice trying to tell us to just stop buying for this year's Christmas paper/stamps.  For just once.  So my determination this coming Christmas is stop buying Christmas paper, which I did!  (But there's no stopping buying stamps)

So I flipped through my old Christmas stock (so glad I bought a lot last year)  and found some nice paper to use.  And I did too, with a little help from this year's stamps woohoo!

And I really love it!  The last thing I want my Christmas card to look like is those commercially made ones that screams "Boring!"  To me personal style is very important, whether if it's traditional, cute, nostalgic, retro, Victorian, distressed, flashy or cheeky.  So whilst it's not perfect, it is definitely of someone's style and unique.  (That is also why I don't like to send all my relatives and friends SAME Christmas cards)

But making your own style doesn't mean you can't get inspirations from Two Peas or Pinterest. For example I looked on Pinterest for layout inspirations and made this card. Besides every time I look at other great works and think "I'm gonna make that too!" and it always end up differently, which is part of the fun too.  

I use last year's BoBunny cardstock, putting glittering powder on the star on the Christmas tree and adhere the piece on the right side of the card, which was stamped with scripts in white ink.  Then I emboss Christmas Greeting on scrap paper, cut around it and stick it on the corner with foam tape.

Then I stamp the snow flake on another scrap paper, cut around it, get a whole, and tie the twine through it and tie a knot. Finish!

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