Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Love card - Partially embossing technique

Last night as usual I was just watching youtube to see if there's anything new inspirations, and I came across this video that I decide to try today.  It's called 'Partial Embossing' technique, and after a few practices I found I needed some adjustments with the thickness needed to go through Cuttlebug.  I guess every Cuttlebug has it's own personality and tolerance of abuse. (HA)  But once you got the right thickness you'll know it's so easy!

1. Make white card from card stock.
2. Emboss card with the technique mentioned (see video below)
3. Stamp sentiment in the blank circle area.
4. Punch a small hole on side of card and tie with baker's twine.

You can check this video to learn how it works, and then just follow the basic principle to make your own design.  I tried the partial embossing technique( the first part of embossing in video) with my Cuttlebug and it didn't work, so I added another blank card(thickness of two pieces of paper) and it worked beautifully. 

Double embossing with Cuttlebug and nestabilities

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