Thursday 27 July 2017

AWHT JULY BLOG HOP - Favourite Colour Combination

Hi crafters!  It's the time of the month again - the AWHT blog hop!

When it comes to colours, let me just say, there is no colour that's not workable.  In other words, every colour is a good colour, depending how you utilise it.  (I got this from my teacher at the colour design course taken a few years ago)

Stampin' Up is an expert in colour combinations and therefore it is so easy to find the colour combos you like.  For me I have quite a few favourites, and I must say Pool Party / Blushing Bride / Crumb Cake and the In Colours are my favourites.   However, due to time issue I am only able to produce this card.  But I'm quite happy about result anyway.

And you would have hopped from Rachel's page. Rachel Woollard is so good at producing cards with quality and details, and she is just as crazily perfectionist as my good friend Kate Morgan!

Below is the blurb from our team, but you'll see my card below.

The Art with Heart Team ladies are selecting their favourite colour combinations to share with you tonight. Choosing the right colour scheme can be essential to your design and with Stampin’ Up!s stunning collection, there are 50 colours to choose from. There’s sure to be some combinations that work really well together and you can take inspiration from.

Now sit back and enjoy some time out of your day to cruise through our blog hop and soak up some colour explosion eye candy!

With the third photo I use my photo to take it and found it truer to the actual colours than my camera.  And it's crisper too.    

Next you'll be hopping to lovely Ros Davidson.  Ros' projects usually use a lot of bright colours and I'm sure you'll enjoy what she made.  Be sure to check it out! 

List of Participants (in no particular order):

1. Catherine Proctor

2. Sharon Davern

3. Tina Gillespie

4. Kathryn Ruddick

5. Andrea Roberts

6. Rebecca Jacovou

7. Monika O’Neill

8. Caroline Manwaring

9. Rachel Woollard

10. Kimberly Hern  (ME!)

11. Ros Davidson

12. Amie McIlroy

13. Kate Morgan

(Now let's go to Ros' page!)


  1. Oh Kim, I love your subtle colour combination and the layout is perfect!

  2. Kim your card is just gorgeous!!! I love all the soft tones you have used xx

  3. Kim this colour combination is so soft and subtle and very beautiful.

  4. So soft and pretty! I just received this bundle, now I can't wait to have a play.

  5. Beautiful use of these scrumptious, soft, colours Kimberly. Love your card.

  6. Kim what a beautiful soft card it is really lovely!

  7. So soft and pretty Kimberly, just lovely! :)

  8. Lovely colour combo Kim. Have you heard of the 70-20-10 rule in Colour Theory? I think you have nailed it with your card!


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