Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Easter card 2016

The other day at the Stampin' Up class, someone asked Kate, "Do people send out Easter cards?"   Apparently Easter, although somewhat a big enough event on the calendar, is a less popular theme in the cardmaking world.  Perhaps it's the stronger religious indication underlying the day that pushes non-Christian people away from making the cards, I think.  To be honest even though I have an Easter die and stamps, I haven't made any yet.

But think about all the pastel colours, the colourful eggs, the cute bunny and chicks!  I have to make an Easter card.  It has to have lovely pink, blue or green, and have to have a cute little animals in the middle, and maybe some eggs and flowers for decoration...

And so I did made one.  But what do people say about the project with the end result always different from what was originally planned?

It's simple.  That is all I can say.  Took me flipping one hour.

  Ok, I'm done with Easter card. Next.

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