Saturday, 28 September 2013

Thank You Card - For the International Volunteer Managers Day

Last week I met Renee Tan, a Singaporean mum whom I was chatting with when checking out at Made With Love, a popular and re-opened scrap-booking store in Singapore.  It makes me realize just how friendly (and chatty, HA!) scrap-booking people are in general.  Scrap-booking people are usually generous too, and so is Renee.  

During chatting she mentioned there's a Make a Card for the Needing group founded by her friend that I may be interested.  To be honest, I've heard of International Volunteering Day, but not International Volunteer Managers Day.  But this lady is someone Renee knows so should be ok. And with all the money spent on card-making it's really time to make some cards for a good cause.  So I said to myself to make four of the same Thank You cards and send to the founder.  

However, when starting making a second Thank You card I realize I don't really like making same cards. (Not good for business if I ever want to start one. But now it's still a vague idea so meh) So I went along and made 2nd and 3rd cards, of different designs.

First Card 

With the first card the only thing requiring a tool to make is the old typewriter, which I used the "sketch" function of Silhouette Cameo. It's really cool to see the machine work its pace and come up with a beautiful drawing, and then cuts it out flawlessly! I also used a glitter sketch pen so the drawing has really cool shimmer in the lines.

Second Card

With the second card, there was not any special tool needed to make, The only thing is the flower tag, which I made it myself using a Crop-a-Dile to punch smalls, and the flower washi tape from mt. (a Japanese washi tape manufacturer)  

Third Card

I'm happy with the layout of every one of them. But I'm particular fond of the third one simply because the tag tail is just too cute especially with the the twine tangles!  And that was an idea I thought would be fun to make, and it turned out great.

As my plan goes, I should be able to make the fourth one (in progress) within deadline.  Maybe I'll copy one of the previous designs to save time.  But anyways, Hip hip hooray!

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