Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Baked sticky Cola Chicken Wings

A while ago when Peter and I were watching Masterchef Australia, we were quite impressed by Matt Preston's baked sticky chicken wings. According to Preston, the recipe is simple, fuss-free one-tray-does-it-all baking.  So just days ago I checked his recipe online,

They look so yummy I decided to make them myself.  

But just as many reviews below the original recipe, the sauce didn't reduce quite the way it should be. And it's too sweet too in my idea. So my backup plan if the sauce is soupy then I'll just reduce it in a sauce pan, which is a lot faster.

Here's my version.  I put some pork ribs in and baked with the wings too, since I didn't have enough wings.  Cut down the cola to 500 ml and sugar by half, and up soy sauce to 3 tbsps. (Perhaps that's why it didn't reduce the way it should be. But honestly we really don't need that much sugar.)   And added clove and chili flakes to add depth to the flavour and it proved to be absolutely aromatic with a light kick.

500ml cola

1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar

3 cloves garlic, grated

1 large brown onion, grated

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1kg chicken wings/ribs, cut at the joints

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tsp clove

1 tsp chili flakes

At the end of 3hr baking, get the soupy sauce out and reduce it in a sauce pan. Then drizzle on the wings. Serve.

So this is the result and I served it with coleslaw and oven-baked chips. The meat falls off the bone just like that and it .
(Sorry about the messy plate and presentation as I'm not very good at it especially with an iPhone.)

So my conclusion is, definitely give it a try because it's super easy.

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