Thursday, 5 September 2013

Get Well Soon card - for Teacher Lyz

Ashley's English teacher, Lyz, is pregnant but she has diabetic due to her pregnancy and a few weeks ago she's checked into the hospital to make sure everything's alright.  Therefore I made this card for her, wishing her the all the best and safe throughout the pregnancy.

1. Make card base.
2. Make a brown panel from brown card stock. Use border punch to punch scalloped border on one side. Affix wash tapes on both sides. Adhere to card base
3. Die cut three butterflies from 3 different card stock. Stamp the medium one and emboss the smallest one with Cuttlebug. Affix in size order. Affix sparkles on the butterfly. Adhere to card.
4. Stamp flourishes and affix sparkles on card.
5. Stamp sentiment.

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