Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Christmas Cards - Reindeers, Candy Canes and Christmas Trees

Last Sunday my craft buddy Stephanie and I finally got time to sit down together and craft after a long haul of summer break.  This is the first time since term started so I'm glad we finally made it. So we sat down at my house on Sunday and spent good three hours chatting, having coffee with pastries while making cards.  And oh what fun it is that we only made three cards!  Ha-ha!

Here are the cards we made.

With Steph being more of a papercrafter than cardmaker I'm pleasantly surprised that she can pull off a card so well (see middle card).

I'm happy with the result of the far left card and decided to reproduce more of the raised candy cane picture die-cuts.  I will try to sell them at the Christmas Fayre at my daughter's school and it should be a breeze.

Anyway, very happy to be crafting together with Steph again, and hopefully we'll do this again in September.


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