Thursday, 5 September 2013

Best Wishes card, manly style

Every time I make a card or something, I always show it to Peter and he always replies"Ahhhh... very nice. " with a smile.  Whether or not if he truly like it I feel it's his support that makes my life as a housewife even more meaningful.  (Well he knows if he can have an opinion if he wants to have a bad evening haha!)

Well there you go, a simple manly Best Wishes card using some stamps and glue. 

1. Make card base from brown card stock
2. Make and trim a patterned strip, a white rectangle panel and a patterned panel and  from card stock. Lightly distress the white panel. Affix to card in order with the strip from top, white panel next and then the patterned panel.
3. Affix chevron washi tape on patterned panel.
4. Trim a white panel, stamp airplanes and trim the end into a swallow tail. Punch hole and affix the brad.  Affix panel to card.
5. Stamp Best Wishes on card.

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