Thursday, 30 April 2009

I miss my Nespresso

Since we got that wonderful Nespresso from Daniel and Susan(Thank you!), Peter and I have started the life with gourmet coffee. Sadly because the move to Jakarta, my beloved Nespresso had to be shipped along with our other stuff from Chin, and the shipment won't be cleared until next Tuesday, if everything 'goes well'. (The Indonesian bureaucracy is another story, my friend)

Retrospectively, during the 6 weeks stuck in the hotel, I've had 1 to 2 cups of coffee everyday, mostly from the cafe in the hotel. One cup of latte is 22,000 Rupiah(=2.2 USD) so it's not so bad in terms of price. But together with Peter consumption we spend a total of at least 500 USD of coffee. And it doesn't even count coffee we bought elsewhere...

I miss my Nespresso, that chunky little triangular machine, which makes very nice coffee with amazing fragrance and richness. I regret very much that I didn’t pack it in my luggage when we left Beijing.

Of course, it’s not impeccable. A small standard model costs around 250 Aussie Dollars, and a bigger one costs well over 400, certainly not your average Joe’s coffee maker. So it’s fair to say that this machine is not for quantity-oriented caffeine fixes. However, if you enjoy a fast(made in 20seconds, no Starbucks coffee run hassle) cup of nice espresso or latte in the morning or afternoon on a daily basis, just like me, personally I don't think you will regret the investment.

Lastly, there are some interesting articles about Nespresso-made espresso. Some replies point out environmental issues. Since either China or Indonesia do not recycle those capsules, I'm afraid that will be my issue too.

Starbucks versus Nespresso Taste Test


Subject: Nespresso: which to buy?

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