Saturday, 16 May 2009

May 15 Moving Day - part 1

Had a moving day part 1 and came back to hotel with very sore legs. Today(Friday) was just parts of our stuff, or I should say, Peter's stuff, from Sydney. Sometime next week, we'll have our Chinese shipments in, which was supposed to come with our Australian shipment.

Apparently somewhere down the line either we didn't pay enough tribute, or the Indonesian government was actually that damn serious about legal shipments, our IMTA (some kind of work permit maybe) was allegedly issued by a 'wrong' government department. And therefore they pend our Chinese shipment and want us to 'fix this'. As if we hadn't suffered enough culture shock with our KITA(another residence document that took 1.5 months to get previously) process. Well, the rest of the nightmare is left for your imagination.

Back to the moving itself. Not so good either. Lost some items including a 3-seater couch, a bike rack and small things. And funny thing is, the list the removalist handed over to Peter for unloading check is a new one they made later on, not the original one Peter did when he moved from Sydney. and of course in the list there's no such item as a 3-seater couch. Other than that, some things are broken...

Anyways, we're moving in tomorrow(Saturday), and are gonna get some more stuff for our partially furnished home. Still unable to get good quality furniture at fair prices. Well that's another story with the great businessmen in Indonesian furniture business and I will tell you later on...


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