Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pleasant weekend in Jakarta(1)

First of all, Happy Birthday to Geri!!! Time to register a Facebook account, Geri, now that you got a new laptop and hours to spend on it. *wink*

when I wake up at 9 AM(still sleepy) , Peter is already up and reading newspapers. Like most of the days in Jakarta since after we moved here, it's a lovely Sunday morning, with sunshine filled in the living room and sunny outside our hotel room window. We got some plans for today, but don't intend to make it a busy day yet. So we take our time.

Breakfast are simple. Tea and the croissants with blueberry jam, bought at the Cilandak Square yesterday. I remember we spend a good 10 minutes deciding which one to get. When it comes to discussions, important or not, it has almost become a typical question-and-answer, dodge-ball like conversation between Peter and I. And fact is, I've never realized myself this clearly to be irrational and indecisive when compared to my man.

To start with, I can't help but distracting myself at other things on the isle, such as spotting a bottle of nice Caramel syrup, and then beginning fantasizing how good it'll be in my coffee, forgetting all we really want is just the jam. Then my thoughts are redirected back, temporarily, and we talk about which size and flavor to get.
I don't want to get a big bottle and make it inconvenient to move again into our house, but Peter doesn't care and the truth is, we already bought some unnecessary stuff along the way in the past three weeks, including a Panda

stuffed toy we bought at the Beijing airport, thinking it'd be a token of the good memories in Beijing. Some not-so-tasty nameless Indonesian snacks, and an aluminum saucepan, which i didn't realize there's already one in the kitchen, and that it is actually releases toxins when used. So a bottle of jam wouldn't hurt really.

Flavor. Marmalade is my all-time fav, but the part-time master of the kitchen says it's better to pick a sweeter flavor to go better with something. Then he throws the ball back, saying it's really up to me and he doesn't mind any flavor at all... After all aspects considered, brands and flavors scanned, misunderstandings clarified, we picked the blueberry jam.

And that was just a tiny one that happened among the activities we had on Saturday afternoon at the mall. Lunch was at an seafood restaurant in the "Citos" Mall. We ordered salad, drinks, and a seafood platter. The seafood platter wasn't exquisite but not too bad for a reasonably inexpensive price at 100,000 Rupiah(apprix. 10 USD). And it filled up our stomach well. The salad taste a bit funky because it's sprinkled with some dried fish bits and mayonnaise, and the dressing tastes more like Japanese style rather than balsamic. Good surprise is the big jug of passion fruit smoothie.
Artificially flavored but still tastes nice. =)

After a quick caffeine boost, we saw our first movie in Jakarta - "Knowing", starred by Nicolas Cage. Neither did we expect it to be an alien-related flick, and we were both a bit disappointed at the end. But 3 USD for a movie ticket isn't too bad for a new movie played in a nice cinema, with comfortable faux velvet seats. All in all it was not a superb movie experience but worth the money.

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