Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Card: Rejoice!

Will I ever be sick of making Christmas cards?  Maybe, but not today.

After a while of trying to meet the deadline of the Christmas fayre by making several identical cards, I grow little bit tired of it.  I am just not a very commercial person, and even with the "identical cards I made, I try to change the colour, shape, or sentiments as I possibly can.

Because crafting to me is to creating different styles of me, to be unique and personal, as opposed to commercial, mass production, and cost down.  But don't get me wrong, I also love to be recognized and make a little profits along the way (who doesn't?)  It's just not to the point where I am forced to give up my own style.  Still I am trying to find it, and a lot of times doubting if it's actually good enough. (laughs)

Today I'm completely disorganized.  I let/make Peter take Ashley to school's 12 Days of Christmas (Dubai version) rehearsal and swimming lesson after, so I can just sit down on my craft room floor thinking what that I want my card booth table to look like.  I spend a good hour researching on Pinterest and stacking my boxes, mini wooden easels, trying to get that same ethereal, je n'ais sais quois feel of a lady's display table.  I give up eventually.

Fear is seeping through the walls and try to get me.  I came back to my true self, randomly picking up a 5 by 5 inch card base, using what's left on the table, which is pretty messy by the way, and just started stamping and assembling a card.  Then it is done.

Not the most complicated nor technical, but it is a lovely card.


Done for now.  I know I'll be tossing and turning, thinking about the props for the Christmas photo booth.  Oh why did I get myself into all this?!

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