Thursday, 11 June 2009

Life's good... with crappy internet.

So far I've complained a lot about living in Indonesia, but there must be something that makes people smile. Well there are some nice things around here, but not in this one yet.

Previously, when Peter and I were stuck in the noisy Hotel Krystal, we've learned that in Jakarta, a metropolis of more 12+ million population, having fast and reliable internet is just a dream. Most other places don't even have internet! So a month ago, after moving into Kebagusan, I called the compound office to see if they could provide some information on the faster internet choices out there.  Apparently the girl did not bother doing much research, and said ' Just sign up on Telkom Speedy, it's faster to set up.'

Telkom Speedy is said to be the biggest and also crappy ISP in Indonesia. But then if I had to choose among rotten apples, I'd choose the biggest one, right? LOL. After calls and calls, one week later, they finally came and set up the internet for the house. Yay, I got internet now!

The speed I signed up is 1MB, but the actual speed is only 200k most times. No way I can go to raids in World of Warcraft. And complaints doesn't help at all. All their customer service people can say in the end is 'I will make this into a report'. In Indonesia, you can expect the most useless customer service in the world. Good thing is, with this 70 USD package I can finally blog again, check emails regularly, read internet news & forums, and chat with friends on MSN.

i should smile at this speed. Really. Before the Slowly Speedy internet came, we had to put up with 30-40Kbps during the day, and a laughable 1-10Kbps at night using the SonyEricsson mobile modem.  For those of you who have never experienced that kind of speed, just imagine a simple google search page that takes 1 minute to load.  Only in Jakarta.


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