Friday, 7 June 2013

My first handmade mini album!

After two years abandoning my blog, I finally decided to come back and pick it up again.  But of course it's because I have new addiction now - card-making and crafting.  Pretty different from my old hobby (gaming)  but I figure my new love is definitely note-worthy.  So here it is.

Thanks to my Silhouette Cameo I've downloaded many great shapes and sketches, and so far had great fun crafting with them.  And this one is no different. It's a mini album I made with the design by Lori Whitlock.  Lori Whitlock has many beautiful designs, but I'm mostly fascinated by how simple they actually are, and if without someone actually putting the thoughts into the design and making it work, I wouldn't have thought about making it my whole life.

Ta-da!  And here it is, my very first handmade "mini" album (5.75 by 7.5 inches, not that small really)-

I'm so happy with the result even though I spent at least two hours making it, nearly missed my lunch and nap! (Yes it sounds like an excuse but I do need a nap every afternoon as a result of low blood pressure. And if I miss it I will get a serious headache and be very grumpy. And no one likes a grumpy housewife especially when it's nearly dinner time.)

To be honest, it isn't really easy to understand Lori Whitlock's video because she actually skipped the second most important part - the assembly of the binder/holder.  But since she mentioned that there are five sections to user the brads to secure, I managed to figure out by myself.  All in all it's not difficult and I tweaked a little bit by adding a little stamped frame (layered), the borders and a little arrow.

For those of you who haven't got the design, it has two files to download.  However, I'd suggest that you only need to down load the first file (File 1) , as it is the main structure of the album - the binder and the cover.  File 2 is just the inserts that you can put in the binder.

A close look at the binder -

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