Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Memories in Summer 2014 - Taiwan trip

Hi everyone, I'm back to Dubai!

I had such a great time in Taiwan and in Singapore.  Taiwan is absolute knockout.  And this time I'm fortunate(40% chance on average) to have seen the one-of-a-kind Ali Mountain sunrise for the first time. (last time being 20 years ago and the sun was hidden behind a massive sea of clouds - just as spectacular though! )  Of course it doesn't come with no cost! Getting up at 4 AM to catch the famous Ali Mountain train, unprepared (this place as high as 2000 Metres plus above sea level, and 12 degree Celsius up there even in Summer time!)

It is easiest the highlight of my Taiwan trip.

Spectacular Ali Shan(mountain) Sunrise

I also got to meet up with my scrap-booking buddies in Singapore.  Haven't seen them for six months, we took the chance to go shopping for our most wanted supplies, eat at Da-shi-dai foodcourt, and chat about everything. Absolute fun!

And most importantly I got to spend quality time with my family - Ashley has such fun with her cousins, uncles and aunties,  and grandpa + grandma that she tells me  she wants to go back to Taiwan like 'NOW!'    And me? Indulging in all kinds of gourmet food as well as street food, riding my mum's scooter to feel traditional markets and the familiar city streets, my uni campus, meeting old friends as well as travelling with my brother and his family...  all full enjoyments.

Family trip to the A-li Mountain

Tram ride at Liu-fu Village theme park

And now we're back in Dubai.
It's great too. Although temperature in August is still hot, I can see it sloping down a bit - to 38 degree Celsius. (As versus 43 degree in July)   My plants didn't survive very well, some died and some barely alive.  However, it's great to see my new car sitting in the garage with my husbands' - both brilliant Nissan Murano - 300HP feels just that much different lol.  And most exciting of all - I'm equipped with more stamps, dies and new toys to play with :-D

My new car, on right 

So I can't wait to sit down and start crafting -  so see you soon!

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