Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Turned out the world's worst traffic is not in Beijing

It might be in New Dehli, but I haven't been there.

Oh, but I know one place can definitely be at least top 10

Last weekend Peter and I took the challenge to drive around town, and managed to get back safe and sound before dinner time. I remember we got lost several times, stuck in small dusty roads, made some U turns and hit numerous brakes that almost cause me heart attacks, driving in small dusty allies(they're roads according to the locals) not knowing which main road we were heading to... But all in all it was something we never did in Beijing, so a relatively new experience. Wasn't fun at all and wouldn't suggest Peter to do this again unless he really wants to (He bought me a new laptop and so I promised him I wouldn't complain anything if we get lost 10 times. I would starting the 11th time.)

See the green light on our side? We still can't get through!

So we were at this intersection and the picture shows the traffic. It's not a 8-lane road but a road like this is considered a big major road in Jakarta, like Zhongxiao dong lu忠孝東路 in Taipei, or Broadway Street in Mahanttan. Amazing thing is, 20 seconds after the light turned green, we still couldn't get through the intersection. Vihicles from the other side is still jamming through.

So Peter and I were just laughing.

And the next day, we tried driving. And we got lost again.

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