Tuesday, 7 October 2014

From our Home to Yours - a Lovely Christmas Card

Yet another busy week.  I'm sure most of us often wonder how, after we had kids, our lives begin to fill with errands, chores, routines and other bits and pieces.  Luckily with only one child I can still get some breaks before she finishes school and my husband comes back from work.

Making cards is definitely one of the many joys during my breaks between dropoffs and pickups.  Through stamping, cutting, and gluing I actually regain a short moment of peace.  It is almost therapeutic and makes you feel happy.  Amazing.

A week ago I picked up this set of WPlus9 Christmas stamp set bought last year, and finished a card with it.  I'm surprised again with so many variations the stamp set can create.  And this is one of them. The only thing is I haven't gotten the coordinating die set yet so have to hand cut everything.  (the die set is on the way though, yay!)

The best thing about this stamp set is that you can mix and match them anyway you want and still make a great card.  It's lovely with a twist of country style but still look modern.

I'm happy that a good friend of mine had actually ordered one from me.  It is so rewarding to see not only the creation but also the fact that there are people who really love and would pay for it.

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