Monday, 28 April 2014

My Surprise Birthday Gift

Last Saturday I received my surprise birthday gift through Renee Tan, my incredibly kind and generous friend, all the way from Singapore.  Renee is a big scrap-booker and a paper hoarder, and  has lived in Dubai for four years before returning to Singapore in 2009.  Just last year, we met in a local scrap-booking store in Singapore.  I still remember the moment when I turned back at the cashier and saw her right behind me, and somehow her face is so familiar and we just started talking.  We hit it off straight away, and have become great friends within a month since then.

This surprise birthday gift was originally my 'order' from Renee, since we both know how expensive scrap-booking materials are in Dubai (paper stock from 6 Dhs/piece + ) and therefore the best way to get my supplies is still through Amazon or Singapore.  Renee has friends who go back and forth from Sing to Dubai and hence make great transportation for my things.

So I kept adding things to my order for Renee to get me, plus some other wonderful things that I didn't even ask.  And here's my birthday gift.  I'm speechless.

Cardstock and paper pads, stamps, punch, washi tapes, sticky spray, distress ink pads, a butterfly punch, and burlap!  (from Lilian Teo, also a wonderful friend)   Amazingly she got all I want, and more.  Thank you, Renee!

PS: Thanks to the anonymous friend who helped bring this to Stephanie, who then passed to me.  Very lucky to have met great people over the years.  And lastly this is my scrapbooking gang in Singapore. They took this photo to remind me our beautiful memories and that Stephanie and I should really get our sessions started.  <3 nbsp="" p="">
Renee Tan, Nathalie Durand and Lilian Teo.

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