Saturday, 5 October 2013

Handmade Spring/Summer Wreath

As a novice in arts and crafts world, I have accumulated a small stash of materials. Ribbons, special little boxes and buttons, punches and dies, embossing folders and powders, and fabrics and scrap papers and some special stationery from Japan.  But I use them all the time (sounds like a hoarder), just not all at once.

For example, I have been looking at unique (and often handmade) wreaths inspirations for a couple of years, and was very fortunate to have found a very cute wired mini garland at a cute shop in Taipei two years ago.  I have kept my loot (alone with others) in my work room quietly for two years since then.  And yesterday, while almost all the savvy housewives were busy looting Staub pots and Henckels knife sets in Takashimaya Dept. Store, I was just taking my time, wondering in the empty aisles of ART FRIEND (an art and craft supply store in Singapore)  with my daughter, and found the perfect ring for my wreath.  And then at home we had a nice nap together. Good life we have.

Time to make my first wreath, and so I gathered the materials at hand and started making it.  

Three simple materials required:
1. A foam ring with any size preferred. I bought two foam rings from Art Friend and decided to use the smaller one first. See pic.
2. Twine. I use what I have.
3. Mini garland to wrap around the ring.
4. Ribbons

Super easy. First wrap around the ring with the twine. Then wrap with mini garland. Then Tie a bow with the ribbon and a loop to hang on the hanger at your door.

The foam ring, which is flat on the back. 

Twine and garland.

A simple wreath is finished!
 I guess I can add more decorations to it but haven't thought of anything at the moment.  Perhaps some words, or more flowers.    

Demonstration by my daughter
Yes I know, the 3M hanger is super ugly and need to cover up with something. Just ignore that for now yeah?

My first handmade wreath. Not bad. 


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