Sunday, 31 May 2009

Efficiency? Of course!

Living in Indonesia can be very pleasant and relaxed, just don't take it too seriously. Time, here, is just an abstract word. It doesn't really mean much. 8 a.m. or 8 p.m., today or yesterday basically are the same. This Friday is no difference from next Tuesday.

You can tell customers that the furniture will be delivered by 8 a.m., but you are too lazy to tell the truck driver to ship it, until customer calls and complains. Then you sigh, and have to pause the exciting gossip with the security guard. You pick up the phone to call that driver to do it. And don't forget to collect the balance payment again too. Because who knows if the stupid customer will pay again, even though she already transferred the money yesterday. Wait, was it yesterday or last week? Don't matter. As long as the boss doesn't know. Gosh you're so bored. Time to pray again. You've been waiting for praying time every day. Are you the best Muslim or what?

Efficiency? Of course! You always leave the office at 4 PM. The cleaning lady will take your calls. Customers are all taken care of!

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