Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blue and aviation - Father's Day Card

Question: When is Father's day?

Well, the answer is pretty confusing, as unlike Mother's Day, (commonly known to fall on the second Sunday of May) people tend to disagree on the dates ( in other words dads are never comparable to mums.  Oops did I say that?)  And it didn't help that I have lived in so many different cities and none of them have the same one.   

For example, where I'm from, Taiwan, it is August 8, as this date spoken in Chinese is 'ba yue(month) ba ri(day) ',  which is the exact sound of father(bah-bah.) in Chinese.   And then I was in China for nearly four years, Indonesia for two, Singapore nearly 3 and now Dubai, which all have different dates.  To add to the confusion, Peter is from Australia, and it just happens that today is Father's Day in Australia!

But the surprise doesn't knock me down.  As I'm a crafter and there ain't nothing crafters can't do, I quickly skimmed through my stash of papers and found one that's masculine and has nothing frilly attached to it. And then I made this card.

And I remember someone told me this.  "Remember, it doesn't matter what you like, men don't like buttons, flowers or any cute pattern added to his manly card.  So don't add glitter or sparkles or any girly decorations.  Because it's for him, not for you. "   So I added only the eyelets to complete the manly look of the card.  

Another small mission accomplished.  Happy Father's Day, Peter.  :-)

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