Friday, 20 May 2016

Sending Wishes Your Way - the very Clever Butterfly Basics Stamp Set from Stampin' Up

Just some thoughts.

Since I got the fresh and new catalogue for 2016/2017 with my last order, I have been browsing it from time to time.  There are so many inspirations and possibilities that only those who have been paper-crafting for some time know.  But I also know that not everyone is as excited as I am.  

My friend, for example, loves the Stampin' Up inspirations.  So she gladly take whatever free books, catalogues and some of the old stamps and papers that I don't want anymore.  But yesterday I asked if she would like to pay 5 dollars for the new catalogue, she said no.  I feel a bit frustrated.  Perhaps she needs more time to really get the joy from cardmaking (which she came twice to my house to use everything and made 3 cards and 1 3D craft, and took my new glue without paying)  

Perhaps she's just one of those friends who really have to watch where every penny goes.  I don't know.  I don't expect to make money out of her pocket, which I never do.  I just want to share the joy and fun with my friends.  

Anyway, enough ranting.  Happy time now.

Yesterday morning I saw a page on the new 2016/2017 catalogue which gave me an inspiration.  It was a treat bag using the Butterfly Basics stamp set.  So I thought I CASE it on a card and see how it goes.  It turned out great.

This is rather pretty, and it's easy to make because you have all the elements ready in the stamp set.  All you need is some card stock for card base and die-cutting, then you're good.  You can use any baker's twine for the bow.  I use the one with gold accents to add a bit of pop. 

For this card I use

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