Thursday, 3 October 2013

Best Wishes Card for a dear Friend

Singapore is a place where you can have a full-on sunny day in one hour but the next hour turns gloomy and dark then the rain starts to bucket down and pour the entire city, with stormy wind blowing trees sideways. This is probably why people get sick all the time, colds and flu all year round.  Dengue, which is terrible and could kill a person.  Kids get HFMD and have running nose three out of ten in a kindie.  Perhaps that's why I've noticed myself been particular busy making Get Well cards recently.  One of my friends, Ting Ting just recovered from her flu and I thought I make her a Best Wishes card for a change.  

To be honest I am not hugely crazy about distress styles, albeit I have the tools needed.  I always use distressed embellishments sparingly, such as on this card.  Distress styles to me is artistic, but if using too much it creates a bit of gloominess, something you don't want to put all over the card to cheer up your sick friends. This is why I like to show an up-lifting spirit in all my cards because cards are supposed to cheer people up.  (Except if you have very artistic friends and they love that style. That's another story)


1. Make card from card stock. Round upper-right corner.
2. Make patterned panel and affix with chevron washi tape. Affix to card.
3. Cut doily and affix to card. Cut a long strip same length as the card. Affix.
4. Affix already-made pocket and scalloped circle border with glue. Adhere distressed tea-cup die-cut (see below picture) with foam dot.
5. Stamp sentiment, round upper-right and lower-left corners. Punch hole and affix mini brad. position it close to card base's upper-right corner and affix with foam dot.
6. Tie with baker's twine.

I die cut tea cups with Silhouette Cameo. Distress then stick two layers together. I use Ranger Distress Ink: Tea Dye, and Prima Marketing 6*6 card stock.

A closer look at the card. For the envelop it's actually super easy. Just fold a piece of patterned paper and glue the edges, then border punch top and then you can put a tea bag in it. Cute.

Happy crafting! 

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