Saturday, 7 September 2013

Faux Air-brushing technique using a kitchen sponge and circle cut-out scrap paper!

One day when I was at Nathalie Durand's I came across a page on the Craft Stamper Magazine and saw this beautiful sponging technique to create faux air-brushing effects, and I love it!  Straight away that aftertoon I experimented with the tools I had and did this.

I found that anyone can do it without having proper tools such as a sponge dauber or circle stencil. The easiest way is to get a piece of kitchen sponge, and cut out circles on scrap paper (as stencil),

Inspired by Joanne Allison @ Craft Stamper Magazine! (Mar. 2013 issue)

As photo you can see the magazine sample is on the bottom and my version is the standing one. (And pretend you didn't see the mess!)

1. Make square card from card stock.

2. Cut out three circles from a card stock and use it as a stencil.  Make sure the circles are of equal distance from one another and that they fit on the card. Place it on the area where you want it on the card.  Use tape to fix it if you can.

3. Apply a flat sponge surface with ink (I use distress ink "Worn Lipstick" from Ranger), and lightly tap on the card through the stencil. Make sure the right upper corner has the least pressure and therefore the lightest ink touch on it.

4. Stamp butterfly(-ies) , colour, cut out and affix with double-sided sponge tape.  Stamp sentiment.

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