Sunday, 8 September 2013

A pink and feminine card for a good friend

Living in Singapore for over two years, I found myself deeply in love with many things that are so uniquely of this particular dot on earth.  From tourist attractions and public facilities, eclectic alleys and lanes, rich food culture and respect of different races... to name a few.  I also made friends with some of the nicest people.  And as a friend I would love to make a card for each one of them.

1. Make white card from card stock.
2. Make two pink panels, one slightly lighter than the other one.
3. Emboss the light link panel with Cuttlebug. Adhere to the darker pink panel.
4. Trim and make a white panel same width as the pink panel. Punch scalloped border on one side. Affix washi tapes. Adhere white panel to the pink body. Adhere to card.
5. Punch and stamp chandelier. Adhere to card.

( Generally I like clean cards. I never like a card that's too complicated or overflowing with ribbons and 3D flowers.  So I didn't add any thing like pearls. But maybe someday I'll try)

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