Saturday, 23 April 2011

Today's Activities and thoughts

April 22, Good Friday.

Morning - had coffee and a quiet moment after Ashley's having her morning nap. Read parts of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it just keeps getting better and better :-)

Midday - Snacks, dumplings. And more coffee.

Afternoon - Peter came back from Shanghai at 2:30. He gave me a beautiful white-gold necklace with a bunny in the crystal-studded circle. Wore this to meet Rebecca in town; had Mille fueille and coffee with her at Hediard Cafe. Mille fueille not crisp and vanilla custard is mediocre. Must have been made in the morning and kept unconditioned for most of the morning and midday. The flat white is watery and taste like a twice-filtered coffee, and definitely worse than the coffee at 7-11 in Taiwan. That Hediard Cafe is so overrated btw. Can people stop going to those cafe simply because it's French? Great chat with Rebecca though, knowing she's happily married and thinking about getting babies(or work) :-)

Although on the way back in taxi, the old driver was quite rude and made me question Singaporean service quality again. In the end I had to let it go. It is against my principle to mind over irrelevant things like this. Tolerance, tolerance.

Dinner - (Ashley had mashed potato with beef, celery and carrots earlier.)
KFC, wrong choice and how we lost our mind I don't know. But so happy Peter is back finally. Nothing beats a happy family.

Had a great day in general. Ashley was such a good girl she kissed mummy so many times. She Walked around in the apartment and dragged things around too. (Found her shoe in my room and dirty laundry moved elsewhere. Still she's cute as a button and I'm so thankful to have Ashley and Peter in my life.

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