Monday, 6 June 2016

Happy Birthday Card: Lettuce Celebrate!

News of the week:

The Annual 2016/2017 Stampin' Up catalogue is finally online on June 1st!

This is all very exciting to me as well as my friends who are into the awesome SU products.    Anyone can directly order online (domestic shipping only)  or contact their demonstrators for further details of the purchase.  And I just can't wait for my order to arrive at the doorstep.

Now there's another way of looking at this news.  Reality tells us that not everyone can splurge 500 dollars on these crafty things straight away.  In fact, many people have to think twice even before spending 50 dollars on something crafty, which is quite understandable when it comes to priorities in life.  Does milk and bread come before the hobby?  Of course yes.  This is why some people choose to be customers, rather than joining Stampin' Up whereas once becoming a demonstrator, you'll have to maintain a seasonal purchase quota to remain the title.  As a customer you will buy it when you have money to spend on your hobby and not bound by the SU policies.  This makes total sense

In this regard, I recon there is still a way to get some of the things you want without having to spend money on every single item in the catalogue.  Product-sharing.  It means that you and your friends can place one order together, and share some of the items such as twines, embellishments, papers and so on.  In fact I think you can share all but the stamps, dies and other tools.  This is how my friends  (who are new demonstrators as well) and I make it work.  We share card stocks, papers, and other accessories while we order our own stamps, dies etc.  This way we all get what we want without spending a lot on the same things.

I don't want my friends or customers to be stressful about having to spend lots of money.  So I highly recommend product sharing. And as a crappy salesperson I would say the best way to save money while still being able to craft with SU products, is just go to craft classes.  See how the demonstrators use the supplies to make gorgeous cards and gift bags.

Alright now back to the card.  I made this card from this retiring stamp set called "Market Fresh" and I am just glad that I decided to get it before end of May.  It's simple and unique, and I couldn't be happier.  This stamp set will be in my hobby stash and will never retire.

 I haven't worked out the best green colour for the lettuce so it looks a bit funny.  But you can't notice it from a distance hehe.

I still have problems with the lightness of the photo, which I have been working on.  But at least the background issue has been solved.  (My background used to be my window and and backyard plants, and they were not complimenting the card at all!) 

I use the folliwing products:

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