Thursday, 18 September 2014

Birthday Butterfly Card Part Two

As most card makers do, I constantly get praises for making lovely cards, as well as comments that I should really start a card-selling business of my own.   For the past year I have been commissioned to make a few cards, but they were made unique and took too much time with design and execution.  And because I don't need to work or make income for my family, and therefore I find it's just not worth of my time.  I keep do it simply because I love making cards.

However, my daughter's new school term gives me a second thought.  The school's gonna hold a Christmas fayre, and one of the mum talked to me (she makes fashion accessories) and said we should rent a stall together.  Well now I thought I might be able to make it - if I can make enough crafts for sale in time.  

So below are the very first batch of several similar Birthday cards, followed by this particular Birthday card I made previously for Ashley's classmate.

Aren't they cute?  I'm happy with them too.  

Note that for the first time I've put on my first watermark in this picture for copyright concerns. All my works are original and please do not copy them.  

Next I should really start making Christmas cards.  Time to look for some inspirations and get started. 

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