Monday, 10 March 2014

Pink Baby Card with Ribbon and Sparkles

Yet another trip has finished and now finally really settled down in Dubai.  I really enjoyed my Taiwan trip staying with my family and caught up with some friends (and all the excessive eating leading to 2 Kg weight gain) .  But guess what?  No flying for another six months! YAY! 

So yesterday I found some polka dotted paper from my good friend Renee, and it inspired me to make a cute baby girl card.  

Cute, right?  Well ya know, just as I stopped to think what to add on to the white area after putting the scalloped border on, I saw a mark on the panel where it was sitting on my stamping block. Oh no!  All the possible mending measures fleeting through my mind and then I decided to use a sparkle to hide it (and more just for the effect cos one is really awkward HA!)   Crisis resolved. Whew.

Love these sparkles! They are actually mobile phone sparkles I bought at ART FRIEND in Singapore but work just as well.

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