Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mini Album - Family Trip to Phuket

It was a sunny day, a great day for a trip to Phuket, Thailand.  Couldn't be better.  Until it was when we were just about to leave home... and suddenly Peter had trip on the stairs!   Next thing I saw he was lying down on the floor, howling from the tremendous ache.  I was terrified. Ashley was terrified too, and started to cry.

For the next thirty minutes I was trying to make him feel better (marginally) by placing ice pads under him, checking and making sure his spine was ok.  Ashley was trying to calm his father too by readying a Princess book (too cute but not helping either)  The taxi's here and I had to tell him to wait another 20 minutes.  In the end Peter managed to drag himself to the taxi, while the driver and myself got the luggage cases in.  I almost thought we couldn't make it until we took off, landed, and checked in at the hotel.

For the entire vacation, not surprisingly, we were mostly in the hotel resort.  I was only grateful my Peter could at least ease his pain in water most of the time.  Seriously he could well be in hospital.
Surely we didn't do much, not any of the tourist thing except one afternoon in the Phuket Town.  But I'm happy we all had some rest and nice food.

Fortunately, after the trip and seeing the doc and taking X-ray, Peter was told he probably had a small fracture but is self-healing without a surgery.  We are truly grateful it wasn't anything too serious.

My first real mini album with photos.

It's not a well-planned design in terms of colour, styles and theme but I'm happy to have finished it.
Pad on my shoulder.

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